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Dec 03

Vitamin D and Covid-19

By Echelon Health

In light of the persuasive circumstantial evidence that vitamin D deficiency may play a major contributory role to Covid-19 infection, progression, severity and mortality, and given the high prevalence of vitamin…

radiation health concerns
Nov 17

5G: Echelon Health explore radiation health concerns

By Lucy Holl

5G, which stands for 5th generation, is the latest and fastest version of cellular internet which can be up to 100 times faster than its previous self, 4G. There are…

Breast Screening
Oct 30

Breast Screening In London

By Lucy Holl

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, meaning more people are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other cancer in both men and women. Tragically,…

Echelon Health Packages & Prices for Health Assessments October 2020
Oct 30

Our Brand New Range Of Health Assessments

By Echelon Health

Echelon Health is one of the world’s leading providers of Preventative Health Assessments. Based in the heart of Harley Street and led by highly acclaimed Medical Director Dr Paul Jenkins,…

Jun 18

How is cancer diagnosed? Cancer screening in London

By Echelon Health

When an abnormal growth of cells develops in an uncontrolled way, this is called cancer. In some cases, these cells can spread to other areas of your body through a…

health check
Jun 08

Why it’s the perfect time for a preventative health check

By Echelon Health

We find ourselves in the midst of a phase in our history that none of us expected to ever see. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive dislocation to so many…

Echelon Health Evergreen Membership
Jun 04

Evergreen Membership: Our monthly Health Assessment programme

By Echelon Health

As a world-leading provider of preventative Health Assessments, we are always innovating and always looking for ways to make our services better and more accessible. That is why, in addition…

Covid 19 Antibody Testing | antibodies pic
May 28

Covid 19 Antibody Testing – an important update

By Echelon Health

The world of Covid-19 is nothing if not fast moving. Within the last couple of weeks following the decision by PHE to validate two Covid 19 antibody tests, companies began…

blood sample - Covid-19 antibody test- Echelon Health
May 20

Covid-19 Antibody Test now available from Echelon Health

By Echelon Health

We have been keeping a close eye on developments at Echelon Health regarding Covid-19 antibody tests and we are pleased to tell you that our Medical Director has identified a…

Full medical check up - Echelon Health
May 08

Why more firms are turning to corporate health assessments

By Echelon Health

Corporate health assessments such as those offered by Echelon Health are designed to give employees a comprehensive view of their current health. They can both help to diagnose current issues…

Full health check-up in London - covid-19 - Echelon Health
May 04

In our Post-Covid-19 World a Full Health Check-Up makes sense

By Echelon Health

Who would have imagined at the beginning of the year that we were going to end up in the situation we’re in now? COVID-19 has impacted our country in a…

Echelon Health - can a blood test detect cancer - DNA Blood Tests
Apr 03

Is a blood test for cancer really just around the corner?

By Paul Jenkins

Blood Test for Cancer – An elegant concept There is an elegance in the concept of a single and simple blood test being able to detect early stage cancer before…