Breast Screening In London

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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK, meaning more people are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other cancer in both men and women. Tragically, one person dies every 45 minutes in the UK from breast cancer. While there have been major advances in its treatment, vigilance is key for detecting it and treating it the earliest stage possible.

What is a breast screening?

Otherwise known as a Mammogram, a breast screening is the procedure of using X-rays to examine the breasts for signs of early cancer which cannot be felt or seen. A breast screening is generally a routine for people with no symptoms, while a diagnostic breast screening is for those who are experiencing symptoms such as lumps, swelling, dimpling or redness and require a diagnosis. The principal aim of a Breast Screening is to detect the early signs of cancer and/or cancerous cells, so they can be treated as quickly as possible. As with almost all cancers, the earlier it is detected , the better the chances of cure. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in women in the UK, however If detected early, breast cancer has a 76% survival rate of 10 or more years.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one million breast screenings have been missed or cancelled by women throughout the UK. This is an alarming figure and has resulted in a prediction that 8,600 women may now be living with undetected breast cancer. At the current time, there are many reasons why women may feel apprehensive about attending a public hospital for their breast screening; worries about not being able to take someone with you for support, or concerns about hospitals being safe and sanitized could influence the decision to attend a hospital for a breast screening.

Echelon Health can offer a safe and rapid breast screening assessment utilising the most advanced screening equipment either as a single scan, or as part of our Well Woman Package which includes a Medical Questionnaire, Blood Tests, Ovaries Ultrasound Scan, Digital Mammogram, Dexa Scan, and your final consultation.

What can I expect from my Echelon Health breast screening in London?

  • From the moment you arrive at our fully sanitised Harley Street clinic, you will be completely taken care of by your assigned chaperone who will be there to support you both personally and logistically throughout your appointment.
  • You will be escorted to our fully sanitised breast screening site just a few doors down from our Harley Street clinic, where highly trained radiographers will perform your breast screening.
  • The breasts are pressed gently between two firm surfaces, which spread the breast tissue for easier detection.
  • The X-ray then takes digitally stored images of the breasts, detecting anything abnormal.
  • The resulting high-quality images are then reported on separately by 2 internationally renowned breast radiologists to ensure highest quality of the report
  • If anything is detected, we can rapidly refer you to one of our trusted consultant specialists, or if you prefer, we will liaise with your GP for urgent referral within the .

Learn more about the benefits of digitally stored breast screening images here.


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