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Statement Of Purpose

The aim of Echelon Health is to provide high quality preventive health assessments. With access to some of the most advanced imaging technologies in the world, together with senior experienced clinicians, Echelon Health will offer a range of comprehensive health assessments to identify problems at the earliest opportunity.

The principle of prevention being better than cure is a central tenet of modern medicine and the ability of the latest imaging modalities to detect the earliest signs of many diseases and therefore greatly increase the chances of successful treatment is well accepted.Echelon Health aims to significantly improve the life chances of those who come for Health Assessments by identifying, if and where they are present, the early stages of those diseases that if left untreated would result in a significantly increased risk of early death.

Objectives of Echelon Health

The overall objective of Echelon Health is to use the combination of a thorough medical history, comprehensive blood tests and a physical examination together with the optimum scanning modality for each specific disease being screened for (e.g. MRI scanning for prostate cancer/ spine issues,  ultrasound for testicular and thyroid disorders, CT scans for coronary heart disease, colon etc) to provide a detailed and objective assessment of an individual’s state of health. In doing so, Echelon Health ensures that every client who comes for a Health Assessment:

  • Completes a comprehensive Medical Questionnaire to identify any relevant issues, risk factors or history;
  • Has their Medical Questionnaire reviewed by a qualified Physician so that the Physician can determine the most appropriate Health Assessment package for the client.
  • Undergoes an appropriate physical examination
  • Has blood tests performed in keeping to the individual Health Assessment conducted.
  • Undergoes any imaging under the supervision of an experienced Radiographer or performed by a Consultant Radiologist
  • Has their scans analysed and reported on by an appropriate Consultant Radiologist and
  • Has a follow up consultation with an experienced Physician to discuss the results and determine their optimum management and also whether any further referral to another specialist is required and / or additional medical intervention such as the prescribing of medication.  To respond to current Covid times, many clients are not comfortable attending face to face consultations.  Telephone consults, video calls or the provision of the detailed report are options provided to the client.


Echelon Health believes that the majority of diseases that if left undetected could lead to premature and / or sudden death, can be identified using focused preventative screening techniques and individual assessment. As such, we aim to become the gold standard for preventative Health Assessment in the UK and an exemplar organization in terms of Client Centred Care. We operate within a culture of openness and transparency, committed to a policy of continuous improvement.