Echelon Health checklist

Echelon Health Checklist

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Without CT (which is perfectly safe when done professionally) we couldn't accurately detect for Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Coronary Heart disease yet in 2017 (according to ONS Data) for the age range of 50 - 69, Colorectal cancer, Coronary Heart Disease and Lung cancer accounted for some 28,000 deaths. Of course, if any clinic sees something they think might be an issue, they will likely refer you to a specialist CT centre as appropriate but it costs extra, causes unnecessary concern and begs the question as to why not just do it properly in the first place. With Echelon Health, the scans you need are all included.

To make comparison between health assessments more straightforward, we've created an easy to use checklist. It lists everything contained in our Platinum Health Assessment with a couple of blank boxes next to each item. As you do research, you just tick the box if the alternative health assessment does the same thing or leave it blank if it doesn't. Then you can easily see how one compares to the other.

Download the Echelon Health Checklist