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The world’s leading provider of Preventative Health Assessments

Your Health Assessment will be carried out using world class scanning technologies operated by some of the leading radiographers in the world. The resulting high quality images are interpreted by a select group of internationally renowned specialist radiologists. The assessment of all the accompanying detailed blood tests and imaging reports as well as the personal consultation with you at the end of the process will be carried out by one of the finest physicians consulting in Harley Street today.

Our Mission

Our mission is detecting disease at its earliest stage, through the provision of world leading preventative health assessments, enabling our clients to age better and live a long and healthy life.

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Harley Street - the world's foremost virtual hospital and home to the leading Doctors and Clinicians practising today

Named after Thomas Harley, Lord Mayor of London in 1767, Harley Street now encompasses the greatest concentration of the world’s foremost clinics and clinicians. Spread over a large area of the Howard de Walden Estate, an area of some 90 acres stretching from Portland Street to Marylebone High Street, some 5,000 medical specialists operate out of what is known as the Harley Street Medical Area and to have a Harley Street address is to be confirmed as a leading provider of medical services in one’s chosen field of expertise. By any measurement this is a vast concentration of leading medical professionals. By comparison, the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, one of the largest teaching hospitals in the north of England, has a total number of employees of around 6,000.

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At Echelon Health, we are totally client focused. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring our clients receive the best possible service, care and advice. Our Leadership Team is made up of leading Physicians and administrators, able to access a wide range of the very best consultants and specialists operating in Harley Street today.

Of course, a full health check of any sort is not without risk. We use CT scanning for some of our assessments which involve the use of X-rays (Radiation). That means it is not appropriate for everyone – we must be confident (and you need to be comfortable) that the benefits outweigh the risks. That is why we take great care to explain everything carefully and why no health assessment proceeds unless you, the radiographers and the physicians involved are content. Safety, and a client centred approach, is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Little Black Book of Consultants

Should we find anything during your full health check that requires further investigation and assessment, we have what we refer to as our ‘little black book’ of contacts of the very best specialists and consultants that is second to none. If necessary, we will provide rapid referral to a relevant specialist. You never need worry – whatever is needed, help is always at hand.

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We believe in delivering the best possible service. That is why we only work with partners able to help us do that.

Some providers of healthcare services claim to offer an in house service to address every possible issue and need. The truth is though, modern medicine is about specialism and at Echelon Health, we recognise that the key to providing you with the very best service is to know, and work with, the very best specialists and partners. That is why we work with the European Scanning Centre, 108 X-Ray and Imaging, The Mole Clinic and The Doctors Laboratory to provide the vast majority of our clinical services because, like us, they are committed to being the best in their chosen field.