The Platinum Assessment

If an extensive and fully comprehensive health assessment is what you are looking for, our Platinum Health Assessment is for you. Utilising only the most advanced and cutting-edge scanning technology, combined with the talent of our renowned radiologists and doctors, enables us to detect up to 92% and 95% of the causes of preventable death among men and women respectively. Our Platinum Assessment is designed for men and women aged 40 and above. Its aim is to get a baseline of the condition of your current health and potentially uncover any issues or risks you may have that are not showing any symptoms.

Why choose the Platinum Assessment?

  • We believe this is the most advanced health assessments available worldwide today.
  • Bringing together over 30 years of clinical expertise, the most advanced imaging technology and unparalleled client service, it enables us to capture tumours as small as 1-2mm and detect up to 92% and 95% of the causes of preventable death among men and women respectively.
  • No single scanner can assess for all diseases, as such, we use a combination of the most advanced MRI, CT and Ultrasound technology, alongside comprehensive blood tests such as tumour markers.
  • Your scans and images are reviewed by up to seven of the most renowned radiologists in the country.
  • The Platinum Assessment concludes by a detailed follow up consultation with one of our senior clinicians.
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“The service they are providing at present is, in my opinion, the best that can be achieved in current practice with existing knowledge.” Dr David Wilson, Past President British Institute of Radiology.

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Clients undergoing a Platinum Assessment benefit from the use of their own private suite throughout the day. Offering a private and tranquil base to be used in-between tests and scans, the suite ensures the day of assessment is as relaxing as it is efficient. The suite is meticulously furnished with select pieces by renowned designer David Linley and reminiscent of the 1950s art deco style.

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Details of what’s included

The price of the Platinum Package for men is £14,000 and for women is £14,000

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Case Study

“The bottom line is that I was diagnosed with a cerebral fistula in my brain, a condition from which I was suffering no symptoms and would have been completely undetectable in a normal medical”, said NF, CEO.

He is one of many lives they saved through innovative preventive health assessments. NF was diagnosed with a cerebral arteriovenous fistula in his brain. Post diagnosis NF was immediately referred by Echelon Health to one of the best specialists in the country and underwent a successful procedure a few days later.

“I do hope that others will treat themselves to the full preventative maintenance regime by Echelon Health, which can potentially be lifesaving” says NF.

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