Echelon Health are one of the world’s leading providers of Preventative Health Assessments- backed by renowned general practitioner and ITV personality, Dr Hilary Jones

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Dr Hilary Jones, being an advocate for preventative health, has selected Echelon Health as his preferred provider of Preventative Health Assessments because he is entirely confident in our technology, approach and service.

Established with the sole purpose of preventing causes of death though early detection, Echelon Health brings together 30 years of clinical expertise, the latest imaging technology and unparalleled service to offer its clients some of the world’s leading Health Assessments available today, detecting up to 94% of the main causes of premature death.

Echelon Health’s scans and images are reviewed by some of the most renowned radiologists in the country, drawn from prestigious teaching hospitals and utilise a large network of specialists and world leading consultants for onward referrals.

Located in the heart of Harley Street in central London, Echelon Health’s state-of-the-art facilities and advanced scanning and imaging technology, places them at the forefront of preventative medicine globally; we live up to this reputation by actively saving lives.

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