Core Cancer Assessment

We created this assessment to detect the highest risk cancers at the earliest possible stage. Our Core Cancer Assessment screens for cancers such as leukaemia/lymphoma, breast, prostate, colon, pancreatic, liver, thyroid, kidney and adrenal glands, as well as ovaries/testes. Ideal for clients who may have a family history of cancer or have specific concerns.

Details of what’s included

The price of the Core Cancer Package is £6,000.


Case Study – Kidney Tumour

No obvious symptoms until he was scanned.

A 65-year senior executive of a PLC attended for an Echelon Health Assessment.

The CT scan of his abdomen revealed a 1.5 cm tumour of his left kidney.

He had no symptoms whatsoever from this and modern advances in surgery allowed a laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) removal of just the tumour and small amount of surrounding tissue without the need to remove the entire kidney.

Surgery was successful in removing all of the cancer and with normal renal function since then.

As with almost all cancers, the detection at such an early stage and before the tumour had spread greatly contributed to his chances of being cured.