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A guide to your Agreement with us

A guide to your Agreement with us

An investment in a Health Assessment, whatever its scope, is a significant commitment. You want to be sure you have bought something worth having and you want to make sure that you receive what was promised. Likewise, in order for us to be able to do that as well as make sure that we look after all our clients properly, we ask a number of things of you: we trust you will agree that all are fair and reasonable since they enable us to ensure the experience of all our clients who visit Echelon Health is positive. So, this simple guide sets out a number of useful and relevant pieces of information with respect to our approach to Privacy and the contract (which we call our Client Care Agreement) which we ask you to sign when you purchase a Health Assessment from Echelon Health. Some companies put all that kind of thing in the “impossible to find” small print but that’s not our style. We prefer to be completely clear and transparent hence this guide. Please note though, it is not exhaustive and is therefore not a substitute for you reading both our contract terms and conditions and our Privacy & Cookies Policy prior to confirming you are happy with them both. But if you are unsure on anything, do either send us an email at or call us on 020 7580 7688 and we shall be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Some clients may have access to MyEchelon, our previous client web portal where we locate documents relevant to your relationship with Echelon Health.

If you have any questions about MyEchelon then please let us know and we shall be happy to help.

Privacy & Cookies Policy

We take your data and the protection of it very seriously at Echelon Health. Our Privacy Policy sets out the lawful basis on which we process it, who we may share it with and why and what we will do to protect it. The Privacy & Cookies Policy also explains your rights in the event that you are unhappy with the way your data is being looked after. You can check out the Privacy & Cookie Policy by clicking on the link here.

Client Care Agreement (“CCA”)

The CCA is the Contract that governs the relationship between you and Echelon Health. If you have come to Echelon Health as a result of one our corporate contracts with your employer / organisation then the CCA is slightly different. For those clients, there will also be a Master Agreement between Echelon Health and your employer / organisation. The principal difference are the payment terms so if you have come to Echelon Health via an organisation with whom we have a corporate agreement, you can ignore the payment terms section below – your company will take care of that.