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Heart CT scan in London - Echelon Health

The Benefits of a CT Scan for Cancer Detection

By Echelon Health

In the not-so-distant past, the diagnosis of cancer was seen as a death sentence. With a lack of treatment options, a poor understanding of the disease and underdeveloped imaging techniques,…

Brain MRI Scan - Echelon Health Blog

Brain MRI scan – everything you need to know

By Sophia Daly

Attending a brain MRI in London may seem daunting and understandably you may be nervous, but rest assured there is nothing to fear.  A brain MRI is a safe, non-invasive…

Echelon Health - Aquilion One CT Scanner

Not all Scanners are the same

By Echelon Health

It is generally accepted that prevention is better than cure and the opportunity now exists with modern medical imaging to diagnose disease at an unprecedented early stage. Over the last…

Echelon Health - Journal on Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is always better than cure

By Echelon Health

There are some pretty sobering statistics around when it comes to many of the most likely causes of early death in the UK today. For instance, consider the following: Every…

Echelon Health - Aquilion One CT Scanner

CT Scanning – an essential tool in Health Assessment

By Echelon Health

Like so many things in medical science, there are differing views when it comes to CT scanning. Some suggest that its use is unjustified in preventative health scanning (as opposed…