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artificial intelligence
Aug 16

How artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare

By Sophie Dalton

Technology has vastly improved medicine over time and has allowed huge advancements in both treatment and diagnosis. In today’s world, we have reached such a time that artificial intelligence is…

Jun 07

What To Expect During a Mammogram: a Step-by-step Guide

By Echelon Health

A mammogram is a type of X-ray used to examine breast tissue for any signs of breast cancer. It is a crucial tool in the early detection and diagnosis of…

Ultrasound scans have many different uses, but what can an ultrasound detect?
Sep 08

Ultrasound scans: what can an ultrasound detect?

By Echelon Health

Many people who hear the word ‘ultrasound’ will probably associate them with pregnancy scans, but this particular type of test can be used for much more than that. At Echelon…

Jul 28

The role of AI in early disease detection

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has cemented itself into a very robust role in the world in the past couple of decades. However, most do not consider the many ways we interact…

Feb 23

How Is Heart Disease Diagnosed?

By Echelon Health

Heart disease is a condition that affects your heart’s structure and function. Heart disease stems from a group of conditions with several different root causes. In the UK alone, around…

x ray 2
Nov 10

Five reasons Radiology is important in healthcare

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Radiology and radiography are the branches of medicine that focus on imaging technology to detect, diagnose, and treat disease. At Echelon Health, we recognise that there is not one scan…

private healthcare assessment london
Apr 09

Choosing The Best Private Health Check: A Helpful Guide

By Echelon Health

Private health checks offer a great way of keeping on top of your health and making important lifestyle choices for your future.  But, with so many different tests and aspects…

Mar 29

Nicotine: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By Lucy Holl

Nicotine is a nitrogen-containing chemical found in several types of plants, including the tobacco plant. It can also be created synthetically.  Along with red peppers, aubergine, tomatoes and potatoes, tobacco…

vaping health concerns
Nov 25

E-cigs Debunked: Echelon Health explore vaping health concerns

By Lucy Holl

In the UK alone,78,000 people die per year as a result of smoking. Cigarettes are extremely addictive because of their high nicotine content which subsequently, makes it very difficult for…

Heart CT scan in London - Echelon Health
Jun 23

What You Need To Know About CT Scans For Cancer Detection

By Echelon Health

In the not-so-distant past, the diagnosis of cancer was seen as a death sentence. With a lack of treatment options, a poor understanding of the disease and underdeveloped imaging techniques,…

Brain MRI Scan - Echelon Health Blog
May 01

Brain MRI scan – everything you need to know

By Sophia Daly

Attending a brain MRI in London may seem daunting and understandably you may be nervous, but rest assured there is nothing to fear.  A brain MRI is a safe, non-invasive…

Medical Facts
Jan 22

Not all Scanners are the same

By Echelon Health

It is generally accepted that prevention is better than cure and the opportunity now exists with modern medical imaging to diagnose disease at an unprecedented early stage. Over the last…