Echelon Health is unique. We can screen for those diseases that are the leading causes of premature death.

No one wants to die before their time. You have a loving family and you've worked hard. You want to stay healthy and enjoy a long and happy life. Sadly, disease doesn't care about what you want. Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease can strike, unannounced, at any time. However, there is something you can do about it. You can have an Echelon Health Personal Health Assessment and if there is anything developing inside you unseen, then chances are we'll find it and then you can get it treated. If you are looking for the best there is in Health Assessment, then there is only one; Echelon Health.

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The Echelon Health Blog

Image and the media

Self-image and the media

By Lucy Holl

Over the last ten years or so, controversy towards social media has become apparent, with more and more people no longer seeing the sites as bearers of harmless…

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workplace benefits

Should workplace benefits be revised amidst the ‘new way of life’?

By Lucy Holl

A lot has changed since our simpler existence pre-March 2020; this year life has been unimaginably different with occurrences that no one could have ever predicted, but of…

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Vitamin D and Covid-19

By Echelon Health

In light of the persuasive circumstantial evidence that vitamin D deficiency may play a major contributory role to Covid-19 infection, progression, severity and mortality, and given the high…

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