case studies

Case Studies

The health checks we carry out at Echelon Health have saved lives. We have seen so many cases of life-threatening diseases spotted early thanks to our advanced scanning and assessment techniques, and subsequently treated by leading specialists. You see, we have a ‘little black book’ of the best and most in-demand physicians whom we will happily refer you to for treatment should anything worrisome be detected during your health check. Here are just a few of the many Case Studies we have been proud to be part of.

Case Study 1 - Lung Cancer

Case Study 1 - Lung Cancer

An aggressive tumour - caught and treated

  • A Client of Echelon Health, a gentleman well known in the entertainment industry, recently attended for a CT chest scan, due to his concerns about having previously being exposed to significant passive smoking.
  • Our specialist consultant chest radiologist reported a 5 mm nodule in his right lung and due to her concerns about the irregular edges of this nodule, which made it less likely to be benign, recommended an early follow up scan in 3 months.
  • The follow up scan demonstrated an increase in size of the nodule and surgery was recommended. The Client subsequently underwent removal of part of his right lung and histological analysis confirmed the nodule was an early but aggressive cancer.
  • Fortunately, the cancer had not spread to the adjacent lymph nodes and 5 years on, our Client remains cured of his cancer and in excellent health.
  • Imagine the situation if this Client had not come to an Echelon Health check up? The outcome would have been very different. The average UK 10 year survival for lung cancer remains just 5%.
  • So it is highly probable that the detection of the nodule on his lung and its subsequent removal at such an early stage saved his life.
Case Study 2 - Coronary Heart Disease

Case Study 2 - Coronary Heart Disease

The silent threat

  • We recently performed a CT coronary angiogram on a 64 year old man.
  • He had none of the classical risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD) but admitted to an occasional twinge in his chest when exerting himself.
  • His CT angiogram images demonstrated an almost total blockage in one of his main coronary arteries.
  • He was immediately contacted with this result and we arranged urgent admission at his local NHS Hospital where the next day he underwent an emergency procedure to insert a stent (hollow metal tube) across the blockage.
  • He was discharged after 2 days and has remained completely well since then.
  • Undoubtedly, the Echelon Health check up and subsequent stent insertion averted a critical situation and prevented him from suffering a heart attack.
Case Study 3 - Kidney tumour

Case Study 3 - Kidney tumour

No obvious symptoms until he was scanned

  • A 65 year senior executive of a PLC attended for an Echelon Health Assessment.
  • The CT scan of his abdomen revealed a 1.5 cm tumour of his left kidney.
  • He had no symptoms whatsoever from this and modern advances in surgery allowed a laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) removal of just the tumour and small amount of surrounding tissue without the need to remove the entire kidney.
  • Surgery was successful in removing all of the cancer and with normal renal function since then.
  • As with almost all cancers, the detection at such an early stage and before the tumour had spread greatly contributed to his chances of being cured.