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Echelon Health is proud to provide corporate health assessment services to a wide range of clients who recognise the benefits of making corporate health assessments available to their executives and senior employees. Not only does this provide an excellent individual benefit for the employees or members of the organisation but it also provides the organisation itself with the knowledge that employees are being cared for and the risk of the disruption caused by someone being taken ill with no notice is substantially reduced.

It's a high pressure world so let us help you take care of a big concern - the health of your people


As if modern life hadn’t become pressured enough, the recent Covid-19 Pandemic means we are all having to adapt to the way we do things in our domestic and professional lives. Whilst there is inevitable uncertainty about what the future holds, the one thing we can be certain about is that the world will never be quite the same again.

By and large, we think that could be a really good thing if the changes that take place and become long lasting are ones that add real value to our lives as individuals and to society as a whole

The importance of people

What will not change is that the most successful organisations will be the ones who realise that their people really are their most important asset, are critical to their success and do something positive about it.

They know that everyone alive is at risk of developing some form of health problem during their careers and there is plenty of evidence to show that those risks are amplified by the enhanced levels of pressure people are experiencing. Concerns with respect to Covid-19 are only adding to the general level of pressure.

The cost to any business of losing an important member of the team is often incalculable, given the loss of business, disruption and cost of replacement which can ensue.

Therefore, it’s not only a good thing to do to look after your people from a human perspective, it makes very good economic sense as well to do all you can to avoid those costs.

Tax Benefits

There are even financial benefits to offering corporate health assessments. We are not tax specialists and every company will want to take their own specialist advice, but we do know that HMRC permit an employer to pay for one Medical Check Up per annum (and the definition of Medical Check Up is a physical examination for determining the employee’s state of health) and it not count as a benefit in kind for the employee. It also counts as tax deductible for the employer.

There are a couple of constraints – the employee does need to be exactly that (an employee rather than a Partner etc) and the Health Assessment has to be arranged through the company and not by the employee themselves. However, an Echelon Health Corporate Health Assessment programme would put the appropriate administrative processes in place and qualify as a Medical Check Up.

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Echelon Health Assessments are designed to detect the earliest signs of health problems and, with early detection, the great majority of the health problems that would otherwise lead to premature incapacity and death can be treated.

Echelon Health can tailor health assessment packages specific your circumstances and needs. Please call either Richard, Claire or Hannah on 020 7580 7688 or email us at [email protected] and we will be delighted to discuss further.

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