Our Brand New Range Of Health Assessments

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Echelon Health is one of the world’s leading providers of Preventative Health Assessments. Based in the heart of Harley Street and led by highly acclaimed Medical Director Dr Paul Jenkins, a leading pioneer in Preventive Health Care, Echelon Health are there to support individuals and their families at a time when being aware of our underlying health conditions is so vitally important.

We believe that our Preventive Health Assessments at Echelon Health are the best you will find. Our flagship product, the Platinum Health Assessment can detect around 92% of the diseases and illnesses that if left undetected and untreated could lead to premature death.

We are equally mindful of the current economic climate and the fact that many people want to know about more specific health concerns rather than everything all at once. We are therefore delighted to announce our new extended range of Health Assessments to cater for all budgets and needs.

Starting at just £1,000 for our Well Woman Health Assessment (for women concerned about breast cancer and ovarian cancer) our new range includes Health Assessments that focus on specific areas of concern.

View our new range of Health Assessments here.

Prevention is always better than cure.