A Preventative Health Check in 2020 – A Guide to the Benefits

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Even in 2020, uncertainty and fear are all too often associated with discovering the state of our health. In fact, not knowing what is going on with our bodies can be a trial in itself, entirely separate from any health issues we are dealing with. The good news is that you no longer need to go through life blind to the state of your health and wellbeing. In fact, with the sophisticated medical technology available in 2020, it is now possible to get a truly comprehensive health check, and rid yourself of this gnawing uncertainty, as well as responsibly deal with any issues that you do have. A topic you can find out more about below.

ECG heart - health check up London - Echelon Health
An ECG, full medical history, blood tests and various scanning techniques are performed as part of the health check ups offered by Echelon Health

A preventative health check puts you in control of your life.

Having a preventative health check puts you in control of your health and one step ahead of any problems. When it comes to our health, it will always be better to know the truth, rather than sticking our heads in the sand. It is an empowering position to be in, either to have the tremendous relief of knowing all is well, or by having the foresight offered by a detailed consultations and state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment and to know that if anything abnormal is detected, you will be referred to some of the best specialist physicians in the country.

This is because if there is an issue, early diagnosis can greatly improve our chances of fighting it successfully. Unfortunately, the current situation is that for many life-threatening disease such as cancer, many are diagnosed too late.  Almost half are diagnosed late according to Cancer Research UK. Something that can have a serious negative impact on prognosis and supports the wisdom of getting a preventative health check, even if you are currently asymptomatic.

On the other side of this benefit is that if you get a health check and find out nothing is wrong, the weight of all that worry, and stress will be lifted. Something that will allow you to continue your life without fear or limitations. Thus, greatly improving your quality of life.

A preventative health check can help you gain access to targeted support.

Opting for a private health check in London will not only help identify any current or potential issues, but it will also streamline the process of getting seen by the right expert consultant.

Here at Echelon Health we have what we call our ‘little black book’ of consultants. Based on our Medical Director’s 30 years of clinical practice, this  is a database of the best and most accomplished experts across numerous medical disciplines. Valuable access that we are happy to supply to our clients to ensure they received the best and most prompt care possible.

Full medical check up - best investments 2020 - Echelon Health
Echelon Health provides the most comprehensive health checks in the world

A Preventative Health Check can help identify the need for positive lifestyle changes

The concept that prevention is better than cure is at the heart of our philosophy here at Echelon, and we have plenty of case studies to prove it. If an abnormality is detected, a referral to a specialist consultant for treatment can solve it. If there are simply areas of your health you can improve on, we will provide useful advice involving actionable steps that can help you to achieve this. Either way, this health check will help you to reach and maintain tip top health and free you from worrying about health-related unknowns.

Lifestyle choices greatly factor in to our quality of life and how long we live. This is backed up by studies that have shown that making changes to our habits can have a substantial positive on life expectancy. For example, a 2017 study by Yanping Li et al demonstrate that women can gain up to 10 additional disease-free years of life, and men 7 years, by adhering to a healthy lifestyle in mid-life.

Therefore, by investing in a preventative health check we will assess where your health is currently and help you to adopt necessary positive lifestyle changes for a long and happy life.

Core benefits of a preventative health check

Here are the core benefits of attending an Echelon Health Assessment:

  • Tailored to your needs – before any tests are performed, your medical history will be discussed in depth with a renowned consultant physician to ensure the assessment is tailored to your needs.
  • State-of-the-art equipment – Echelon operate a 3 Tesla MRI machine, which is renowned for its safety and high resolution. The NHS primarily operates 1.5 Tesla MRI machines. There are only four EOS CT scanners in operation in the UK, one of these is housed in our Harley Street centre and is used for our Health Assessments.
  • Full body mole screen – Echelon are partnered with The Mole Clinic, which leads the UK in skin cancer screening and mole removal. This is included in our Premium Health Assessments.
  • Blood tests for over 40 parameters – including:
    • CA 19.9 and CA 125 which are markers for breast cancer and ovarian cancer respectively,
    • PSA (prostate-specific antigen) to detect prostate cancer.
    • CEA – a general tumour marker,
    • Full blood count – which measures the relative amounts of white blood cells that may indicate the presence of cancer.
  • Up to seven specialist consults may review your results – each reporting on their particular area of expertise.
  • Referral to top consultants and specialists: if anything worrisome is detected Echelon Health will make an immediate referral to a highly experienced specialist to discuss treatment.
  • High detection rate – Our Platinum or Evergreen packages detect for up to 92% of the diseases that lead to premature death in men aged 55-69, and over 95% in women. This is according to our independently-verified analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics
  • Early detection – anything flagged up will likely be in its early stages as it has not yet caused obvious symptoms. Therefore, you will likely have more treatment options and a promising outcome if you are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Receive lifestyle and health management advice – our experts will give you a detailed understanding of your health and actionable steps you can take to improve it.
Full health check up in London - MRI - Echelon Health
Detecting disease early saves lives. MRI is one of various imaging modalities we use.

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In summary, the benefits of investing in a preventative health check at Echelon Health are numerous and valuable to both your short-term and long-term health. To view our packages and prices, click here.

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