Why more firms are turning to corporate health assessments

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Corporate health assessments such as those offered by Echelon Health are designed to give employees a comprehensive view of their current health. They can both help to diagnose current issues and detect potential problems early, before they develop into something serious. At Echelon Health make use of the latest medical imaging technology, combined with blood tests and other investigations, to build a full picture of the client’s body and their health. In fact, our Platinum Health Assessment can detect for 92% of diseases that otherwise lead to premature death in men; 95% in women. Our corporate health assessments are used by organisations that want to provide a benefit for their employees while also providing value to the company by reducing absences and improving engagement and productivity.

An increasing number of firms are investing in employee wellness and in corporate health assessments specifically. 40% of companies in the UK have a wellbeing strategy or plan, and there is increasing recognition of their benefits. In addition to corporate health assessments, firms often include a range of other health related benefits in their plans, such as counselling, lifestyle advice, gym membership, and health insurance. These assessments are effective in decreasing rates of stress-related heart diseases, especially as they are becoming more common among people in high-stress positions such as CEOs.

corporate wellbeing - corporate health assessments London
Firms are increasingly investing in the wellbeing of their employees; from gym memberships to corporate health assessments

Corporate health assessments benefit employers

A healthy and happy workforce is beneficial to employers. When employees are healthy both physically and mentally, they are more likely to be engaged at work and more productive. Employees who are experiencing health problems generally take more time off work and are more disconnected when they are working. This could be because they feel unwell or because they are preoccupied with worries concerning their health. Wellness affects the body and mind holistically; poor physical health can lead to poor emotional health, and vice versa. 79% of UK employees reported in one survey that they feel their employer doesn’t care about their happiness.

Our corporate health assessments ensure your employees feel they are well cared for. The opportunity to have a full health assessment that can detect health concerns that a regular check-up with their GP would not pick up is immensely reassuring and considered to be a valuable benefit. When employees feel that their employer cares about them, they feel more enthusiastic about their work and more committed to their job.

What are the benefits of corporate health assessments for employees?

Employees benefit from corporate health assessments, too. These are some of the ways firms are helping their employees by choosing to offer them corporate health assessments:

  • Assessments using state-of-the-art technology. At Echelon Health, we use powerful imaging modalities such as 3 Tesla MRI, a 640 slice CT and EOS upright CT scanners, which are renowned for their low radiation and high resolution. Enabling us to provide a comprehensive preventative health assessment.,
  • Disease prevention and early detection is at the heart of Echelon’s philosophy. This is why we offer health checks that are more detailed and comprehensive than anywhere else. The NHS are generally limited with their imaging facilities and tend to investigate once a patient is already symptomatic. They are not nearly as comprehensive as an Echelon Health Assessment.
  • Referral to top consultants and specialists: if any further medical assessment or attention is required, Echelon Health will make a referral to a highly experienced and in-demand specialists for follow-up treatment.
  • Having a broader knowledge of your own health and assurance that any issues are being dealt with will improve mental health and productivity.
  • Receiving lifestyle and health management advice help you improve your physical health and stay in tip-top shape.

The effect of corporate health assessments on productivity

Corporate health assessments can contribute to increased productivity in the workplace. A study by Deloitte found that businesses in the UK could lose up to £42 billion each year due to loss of productivity. This is caused by sickness absences, staff turnover and presenteeism, which refers to attending work while sick. A focus on health is one way to improve productivity in the workplace, helping to reduce absences and turnover and improve engagement. Many firms are recognising that corporate health assessments play an important role in improving overall employee health and raising productivity. Health assessments form a part of preventative health plans, helping employees to avoid illness and manage health problems that they do experience.

When health assessments are offered to employees, they receive the necessary information about their general health and any specific risks or problems that may be detected. Employers can then offer further support to help their employees manage health issues and live a healthier lifestyle. With fewer absences and a lower staff turnover, many companies will notice an increase in productivity.

Corporate health assessments make an attractive benefit

Businesses are always looking for attractive benefits to offer to their employees, particularly those in senior and executive positions. The right benefits not only help to bring in the right talent when a company is hiring, but they also encourage employees to stay with the company for longer. Benefits relating to health and wellness can be a draw for many workers, particularly Millennials and younger employees who increasingly expect to see that their employer cares about their wellbeing. Offering health assessments indicates that the employer treats employees as individuals and that they recognise they deserve to be rewarded for their contributions.

Occupational health - Corporate Health Assessment London - Echelon Health
Firms investing in the wellbeing of their employees, with Corporate Health Assessments for example, see an increase in productivity

When choosing health and wellbeing benefits to offer employees, many firms are selecting corporate health assessments as part of their benefits packages. They offer one way for employers to show that they care and can form part of a wider health plan that meets all of their employee’s needs.

Save money with a focus on employee health

Companies that invest money in the health of their workforce may find that they save when using corporate health assessments. One study showed that when companies invest in corporate health assessments and related benefits, the health care costs to these companies decrease. Meanwhile, productivity increases and less money will be lost through sickness absences. Finally, the provision of health assessments to some, or all, employees is considered by HMRC to be a tax-deductible expense.

Therefore, investing in corporate health assessments pays off for employees and the company as a whole.

Echelon Health offers the most comprehensive health assessments in London. Our Platinum package can detect over 92% of disease that leads to premature death. This figure is 95% in women. For more details about our corporate services click here. To learn more about what a corporate assessment should look like read our blog about corporate health screenings.

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