Full Body Mole Screen

We have specially selected The Mole Clinic, an award-winning, dermatologist-led skin lesion clinic to carry out a Full Body Mole Screen for us. Established in 2003, The Mole Clinic leads the UK in skin cancer screening and mole removal (for biopsy & cosmetic reasons). Their specialist nurses and GPs, consultant dermatologists and plastic surgeons deliver high quality clinical care to 40,000 patients every year.

Depending on the package you select from Echelon Health, a specialist nurse from the Mole Clinic will come to our Clinic at 68 Harley Street on the day of your Health Assessment and carry out a Full Body Mole Screen with the objective of identifying any visually atypical moles.

If the nurse considers it appropriate, she will also offer you the opportunity to have one or more Single Mole Scans undertaken on a visually abnormal or new or changing mole. A dermatoscope and a digital camera will be used to record an image 1 – 2 mm beneath the surface of the mole. The image is remotely assessed by a specialist skin doctor, the results of which will be discussed with you by your Echelon Health Physician when you come for the follow up consultation for your Echelon Health Assessment.