Amanda Wakeley OBE

British fashion designer, commentator and host of the Style DNA podcast

The combination of losing a seemingly healthy sibling to a brain tumour, a milestone birthday and 30+ years of a highly stressful career were the catalysts for me in signing up for the Echelon Platinum Health Assessment.

I am mindful that we maintain our assets like our cars and houses with all the necessary service checks and maintenance, and if you are like me, with a positive mind set, apparently fit and well with a healthy lifestyle, it is less scary to assume that “all is well”. However, the reality is sometimes we have no idea of what is actually going on in our incredible machines of bodies and our health is truly our most important asset… a hackneyed old phrase but so so true.

My assessment was incredibly thorough. The fact that I was stressed about it in the lead up to the day is a good indicator of how important it was to me. In reality the day was stress free as I was gently guided from one procedure or check to another, always with kind reassurance and informed answers to my many questions.

The follow up consultation was reassuring but also revealed a couple of issues that my regular health checks would not have uncovered, and if left untreated would possibly have had an impact on my life at a later date. I feel encouraged by this health MOT, relieved to be aware of where my body is at, and reminded to never be complacent or take my health for granted…

Amanda Wakeley OBE, British fashion designer, commentator and host of the Style DNA podcast