Why You Should Invest in a Full Body MOT

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Is it time you got serious about your health? You can start now by giving yourself a full body MOT to protect your current and future health.

Think about your car. When there is a problem, you take it to the garage. Meanwhile, your annual MOT helps identify the issues you didn’t know were there. Now think about your health. You go to the doctors when things are wrong, but do you invest in a full body MOT?

It’s important to take care of your health. Most of us do this by eating well, exercising regularly and getting a good night’s sleep. But nobody is perfect and everyday stresses can take their toll; quietly increasing our risk factors for devastating health conditions such as cancers and heart disease. These conditions often sit there unnoticed for many years before symptoms start to show. What if you could detect it early before you suffer symptoms? This is the philosophy behind a health MOT.

What is a full body MOT?

MOT stands for Measurements, Observations and Tests.

At Echelon Health, a health check-up covers your entire body. We will examine your heart, liver and kidney health, record health markers such as cholesterol, protein and muscle mass, and assess stroke risk. Our health checks are suitable for both men and women. You can expect a process that identifies ways you can improve your overall state of health.

Due to improvements in healthcare technology, we are able to detect diseases much faster and earlier than ever before. A health screening, or a health check specifically, have been used throughout the healthcare sector and their purpose has always been to detect problems before they develop into more serious issues. And, as diseases are detected much earlier treatment can be offered more readily with more effective results.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our medical team, and our use of the most advanced imaging technologies, you’ll receive qualified advice and support on your health, lifestyle and fitness, in complete confidence.

Why full body MOTs are important

If you want to improve your health condition, a screening can be a huge step in the right direction. Thanks to this customised preventative health screening solution, a full body health check will look for any underlying conditions and take the best treatment options before any complications occur.

We can tailor health check packages according to your individual requirements and concerns, ensuring that you have the peace of mind which comes with a thorough health check. Private health checks are not age group-specific.

This is an entry level health screening product that is suitable for individuals of all ages. Everyone can benefit from the observation of health markers and a body analysis that generates an overview of your general health.

Some people might choose to have a full body MOT on an ongoing basis, once or twice a year, in order to update their medical summary and act upon recommendations based on the latest results.

How much does a full body MOT cost?

Full body MOTs can be considered excellent value for money; such is their ability to identify potential health risks. Prices will vary according to what the package includes.

At Echelon Health, you can personalise your full physical examination according to the type of measurements, tests and observations you would like. Prices start from £2,500 for our Healthy Heart package, and you can select other full body MOT packages according to your requirements, such as Core Cancer, Bespoke, Gold or the Platinum health assessment.

Find out what is included in each health screening package by visiting our health assessments page.

Full body health MOT benefits

A full body health check provides the solution to the issue of late detection. For example, a Premium Health Assessment at Echelon Health will detect 92% and 95% of the diseases that lead to premature death in men and women respectively.

A health MOT can enable any underlying health condition to be identified and acted upon. But what are the other benefits of undergoing a full body health MOT at Echelon Health?

Firstly, all our health MOT packages include an in-depth analysis of your individual health, rather than predicting risk factors using statistical models, as some other preventative assessments do. These full body MOTs help identify health risks during their initial stages so necessary lifestyle changes can be made to prevent them from spiralling out of control.

They take family history into consideration so advice can be given about prevention and treatment of specific conditions for each individual and allow you to be proactive about bettering your health and providing you with a clear overview of what your health is like currently. Further, immediate attention can be provided for you if something untoward is discovered during your experience.

We use the right medical imaging tests – from MRI to CT, ultrasound, full body mole screen, ECG and digital mammogram – for each part of the body, to ensure the best clarity in results. Your scans will be reviewed by our expert team of up to seven consultants, all specialising in their own area.

Echelon Health guarantees the most powerful medical technology for your full health MOT, and you can be assured of the safety of every imaging machine used for your health screening procedures.

How is early detection beneficial to you?

  • Many of the most commonly diagnosed cancers have ten-year survival of 50% or more
  • More than 80% of people diagnosed with cancer types which are easier to diagnose and/or treat survive their cancer for ten years or more
  • Cancer survival is improving and has doubled in the last 40 years in the UK
Heart disease:
  • Heart failure is an increasingly common condition that affects around 920,000 people in the UK
  • “Overall, one, five, and 10 year survival rates increased by 6.6% (from 74.2% in 2000 to 80.8% in 2016), 7.2% (from 41.0% in 2000 to 48.2% in 2012), and 6.4% (from 19.8% in 2000 to 26.2% in 2007), respectively” (BHF.org)
  • A study from 2021 found that about 66% of stroke victims survived past the three-year mark
  • Ischaemic stroke (based on linked data) decreased from 18.3 per 100 patients in 2007 to 11.9 per 100 patients in 2020
Lung cancer:
  • Almost a third (29.0%) of people in England diagnosed with lung cancer aged 15-44 survive their disease for ten years or more, compared with 5 in 100 (4.6%) people diagnosed aged 75-99 (2013-2017)
  • Lung cancer survival has not shown much improvement in the last 50 years in the UK
Bowel cancer:
  • Almost two-thirds (63.0%) of people in England diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 15-44 survive their disease for ten years or more, compared with around 4 in 10 (39.4%) people diagnosed aged 75-99 (2013-2017)
  • Bowel cancer survival has more than doubled in the last 50 years in the UK

How often should you have a health assessment?

If you have been taking care of your health and continue to live a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended that you attend a regular health check every five years from the age of 40 in the UK according to the NHS.

However, if you have a family history of certain diseases or have noticed some symptoms and are concerned, a health check can be performed at any time. It always differs from person to person, so it is important to listen to your body and act accordingly.

Health checks might only take 30 minutes, depending on the tests included. Depending on the different tests that must be run, focused health assessments like those provided by Echelon Health could take anywhere from one to six hours.

The length of the health check will inevitably grow the more thorough it is. Fortunately, the process is never boring or uncomfortable since at Echelon Health, we make sure that our clients are comfortable at every turn.

What to consider when choosing your provider?

When choose a private health clinic, there are a few factors to consider. It’s crucial to conduct research and choose a business that respects and recognises its customers. Do not be hesitant to inquire about the medical technologies a provider uses. To be certain that you are obtaining an accurate result every time, you want to make sure your clinic uses the most recent technology.

Selecting a clinic with a variety of options for various scans or bundles is advantageous. This will enable you to modify your assessment in accordance with your unique demands and circumstances.

Searching for the top medical professionals available is usually a fantastic place to start if you want to make sure you are using a reliable service. Definitely read reviews, as we’ve mentioned before.

Caring for your everyday health

Over the past ten years the average life expectancy in England has stalled for the first time in 100 years. This is according to the Marmot Report published in early 2020 and written by one of Britain’s leading public health experts, Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

While there are many nuanced reasons for this, lifestyle factors certainly contribute to the nation’s biggest killers, which include cancers, heart disease, lung disease, stroke and other diseases. A comprehensive health assessment can help identify whether you are developing any of these diseases before they become extremely serious.

Caring for our health should be seen as a full-time job! There are many ways in which we can look after our health on a day to day basis, keeping ourselves in the best possible condition.

Exercise regularly; every day ideally. Stick to a healthy diet that is packed with nutrients and low in processed, sugary and fried foods as that will reduce risk of increased blood pressure. Ensure you get plenty of sleep, aiming for the six to nine hours recommended by the NHS.

Try to keep your stress levels low and similarly to the aforementioned good diet will also reduce risk of high blood pressure which is linked to risk of heart disease, and avoid smoking and drinking.

Taking control of your health with Echelon Health

However, few things are better than a thorough health assessment which can identify the areas which you need to work on, in order to start improving your health. Our Platinum Assessment looks at your whole body, head to toe and leaves no stone unturned. The following tests and scans are all part of the Platinum Assessment:

  • Medical Questionnaire & Pre-Assessment
  • Blood Tests
  • ECG
  • CT Aorta
  • CT Heart
  • CT Coronary Angiogram
  • CT Chest
  • CT Pelvis
  • CT Virtual Colonoscopy
  • CT Bone Density
  • EOS
  • CT Upright Skeleton
  • MRI Brain
  • MRI Cerebral Artery Angiogram
  • MRI Carotid Artery Angiogram
  • MRI Prostate
  • Ultrasound Thyroid
  • Ultrasound Testes/ Ovaries
  • Digital Mammogram
  • Full Body Mole Screen
  • Final Consultation
Understand exactly what you need to do to improve your health with a thorough health check. Book your full body health MOT at Echelon Health – call us on +44 (0)20 7580 7688, email us at info@echelon.health or drop by our office in the Harley Street Medical Area!