Why full body MOTs are worth the investment

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The Office of National Statistics (ONS) published data showing that a large proportion of deaths in the UK are avoidable. The latest data has shown that 22.5% of the total deaths in the UK in 2019, which equates to around 136,146, were caused by diseases that could have been treated if there had been effective healthcare interventions (ONS, 2021).

With this huge number of preventable deaths, it is clearer than ever that preventive healthcare is not a need, it is a must.

At Echelon Health, we understand why preventive healthcare is important, and having a full-body check – a full body MOT – can offer peace of mind for everyone who is keen and proactive about their health.

The ability to reduce mortality rates and improve the outcome of a patient’s health results are just a few reasons why preventive healthcare is so enticing and should be part of any healthcare system.

Despite this data it is unfortunate that approximately 27%% of government spending regarding healthcare is used to fund curative and rehabilitative care. The rest focuses on ambulatory and hospital funding with little to no mention of preventive healthcare (ONS, 2021a).

The unfortunate restrictions around preventative healthcare for the public means that the independent sector is working double-time to allow access for individuals and corporations to a comprehensive level of preventative healthcare. Hopefully in the future the government will reflect on this data and aid the NHS in providing preventive care.

What is a health assessment?

A health assessment is an examination of your health. The main aim of health assessments is to identify early signs of potential major conditions or diseases like stroke, type 2 diabetes, or cancer. As you get older the risk of developing one of these conditions increases so it is key that you get a health assessment to give yourself a head-start on any health conditions you could get.

Preventive health assessments come in different shapes and sizes, depending on what you need. This can be a simple visit to the GP which includes a physical, blood tests and a blood pressure check as well as a statistical analysis of your lifestyle which would indicate the statistical risk of disease development.

These short assessments are good for providing a base for understanding your health, however, they cannot see exactly what is happening inside the body and cannot accurately detect any disease that may be present but not showing symptoms.

Fortunately, this is where Echelon Health comes in. We offer unparalleled services that combine a large variety of scans and tests, the best imaging technology, and years of medical experience to support our clients in their journey to understanding their health.

Full body MOT at Echelon Health?

What is included in your health check depends on your needs or areas of concern. Echelon Health offer a range of packages that cover everything from a full body check – our Platinum Assessment – to a comprehensive Core Cancer package to a Bespoke plan covering only the areas you are interested in.

If you are interested in a full-body MOT, the Platinum assessment includes:

Scan What it detects
Medical Questionnaire & Pre-Assessment Every Client completes a detailed Medical Questionnaire that ensures a full medical history is taken. This is reviewed by one of our Doctors who may need to speak with you to establish more detailed information relating to your health and risk factors.
Blood Tests
ECG An Electrocardiogram (or ECG) is an important test that records the rhythm, rate and electrical activity of your heart. It is completely painless and takes only a few minutes.
CT Aorta Our heart scan examines the beginning of the aorta for any evidence of dilation which could be the early signs of an aneurysm
CT Heart CT Heart Scan (Calcium Score) examines your overall heart arteries for any calcium deposition, the earliest sign of atheromatous disease.
CT Coronary Angiogram This determines the exact location and severity of any atheroma.
CT Chest With this scan, we are looking for evidence of tiny nodules which could be the early signs of lung cancer.
CT Pelvis Here, we are looking for any signs of abnormalities or tumours in your kidneys, bladder and lymph glands
CT Abdomen Here, we are looking for any signs of abnormalities or tumours in your liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and adrenal glands.
CT Virtual Colonoscopy This scan is looking for colonic polyps and early indications of possible cancer.
CT Bone Density A CT Bone Density scan is an extremely accurate method of measuring the density of your bones and diagnosing osteoporosis
EOS CT Upright Skeleton This ultra-low dose CT scan of the entire skeleton in the standing position enables us to determine whether you have any postural issues or predisposition to spinal disc problems.
MRI Brain This detailed scan of your brain looks for any indications of tumours or significant abnormalities, including of the sinuses and inner ears.
MRI Cerebral Artery Angiogram This scan looks directly at the arteries in your brain to assess whether there has been any narrowing or malformations of them.
MRI Carotid Artery Angiogram This determines whether there is any narrowing of the neck arteries that supply blood to the brain.
MRI Prostate (Men) This, combined with the PSA blood test, is the most accurate means of screening for prostate cancer.
Ultrasound Thyroid An ultrasound of the thyroid is looking for evidence of nodules or tumours.
Ultrasound Testes/ Ovaries This scan is designed to look for any evidence of testicular/ovarian tumours or cysts.
Digital Mammogram (Women)  a digital mammogram is the most accurate means of visualising breast lumps or early signs of cancer.
Full Body Mole Screen skin cancer screening and mole removal
Final Consultation Your scans/assessments are reported on by some of the leading specialist radiologists in their respective fields and then reviewed with you by a senior Echelon Health Doctor.


The table may seem daunting, however, the team at Echelon Health are leaders in their field and they are dedicated to helping you through your journey, ensuring that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your assessment.

The experts that we work with understand that the key to a fully comprehensive health assessment is using a combination of modalities ranging from blood tests to ultrasound, MRI and CT scans to ensure the gold standard is used for detecting causes of preventable death, as long as its clinically appropriate for the client and their individual situation.

Is a health assessment worth the investment?

If you have read our blog on Full Body MOTs you may already know the many benefits of health assessments. The main and biggest benefit of a comprehensive health assessment is that they can help identify any health risks as early as possible. Most people may not display symptoms of developing health conditions and as a result, they may go undetected.

Through our assessments, we provide a solution to late detection as a health assessment can aid in identifying these issues early and in a majority of cases aid in gaining control of the condition.

Another benefit of these health assessments is that they motivate people to make lifestyle changes. A comprehensive health assessment at Echelon Health will show how various activities positively or negatively contribute to health, including your diet, smoking habits and alcohol consumption.

A dedicated clinician will help you identify areas of improvement and help you create a plan of action that will improve your health or help you control any serious health issues.

If your assessment focuses on heart health, then all the scans and tests will be geared towards exploring that and ensuring that moving forward you are taking care of your heart as best as you can.

In the case of something being discovered during any of the scans that you undertake, we are able to refer you to other private consultants or your health insurer for further diagnosis. We understand that it may be an emotional time and some cases may be urgent. In those circumstances we do whatever we can to remove the concerns and hassle for our clients and ensure they get the most appropriate help that they need.


For more information on the assessments, we provide please download our brochure. If you have any more questions or would like to book an appointment for any of our assessments, don’t hesitate to fill in the form on the side or contact our team.





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