Nick Finegold

CEO, Curation Corp

Having read numerous articles over the years about how early diagnosis saves countless lives, I felt after many years in the city, it was both sensible and logical to take a proactive approach to my healthcare. Preventative maintenance for the body requires no justification or reason it’s just the most sensible approach any individual can take towards protecting themselves and their loved ones.

The bottom line is that I was diagnosed with a cerebral fistula in my brain, a condition from which I was suffering no symptoms and would have been completely undetectable in a normal medical.

Post diagnosis I was referred to one of the best specialists in the country and operated on a few days later thus avoiding a potential brain haemorrhage or quite possibly a life ending trauma.

I do hope that others will treat themselves to the full preventative maintenance regime that they and their families deserve.

Nick Finegold, CEO, Curation Corp