Lucy Holl

Echelon Health Lucy Holl - Marketing Analyst

Originally from Leeds, Lucy moved to London at age 19 to fulfil her career goals. Choosing which path to go down was a difficult choice as Lucy has many interests in many different areas. With her interest laying predominantly within the Arts, Lucy graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Theatre & Performance Practise where she studied modules of Fine Art, Script Writing & Marketing in Theatre. Lucy then moved to Paris for a year where she was a private tutor in English and Maths. 

With a keen interest in History and Education, Lucy became regional ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) where she coordinated yearly educational trips for Sixth Form students to BergenBelsen in Germany and Auschwitz in Poland. 

Lucy is lucky enough to have parents who live overseas so she is a frequent traveller, fashion lover and self-confessed foodie. 

After exploring many avenues, Lucy finally found a sector in which she could put her disciplines of interest into practise in Marketing. Lucy started her career as an Account Executive in a Central London Marketing Agency specialising in finance where she worked with worldleading clients in the Tech and Finance Industry.  

Lucy thrives from the mixture of words, numbers and creativity that the sector has to offer and was delighted to start her new role at Echelon as our Marketing Analyst.