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Prevention is always better than cure

There are some pretty sobering statistics around when it comes to many of the most likely causes of early death in the UK today. For…

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CT Scanning – an essential tool in Health Assessment

Like so many things in medical science, there are differing views when it comes to CT scanning. Some suggest that its use is unjustified in…

Early Disease Detection
Echelon Health Assessment
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        A faultless and highly personal service; all the staff were extremely welcoming and made the whole process as easy and as…

Medical Facts
Echelon Health 3T MRI at ESC Marylebone

Siemens 3T MRI (Magnetom Skyra)

The 3T Siemens Magnetom Skyra’s powerful 3T magnet, delivers high-quality, clear images making it one of the highest quality MRI exams available today. Its powerful…

Early Disease Detection

EOS dual source upright CT scanner

The EOS dual source linear upright CT scanner is a revolutionary new scanner, utilising Nobel Prize winning ultra-sensitive detector technology, which promises to dramatically alter…

MRI Scanner

MrOpen upright and open MRI scanner

This is a truly unique MRI scanner featuring Nobel Prize winning superconductor technology derived from the CERN project. Due to their expense and technological differences,…

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Aquilion ONE Prism 640 slice CT scanner

CT scanners are graded according to the number of slices of the body the rotating x-ray tube can image in one rotation. Many current diagnostic…