Why You Should Invest in a Full Body MOT

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Is it time you got serious about your health? You can start now by giving yourself a full body MOT to protect your current and future health.

Think about your car. When there is a problem, you take it to the garage. Meanwhile your annual MOT helps identify the issues you didn’t know were there. Now think about your health. You go to the doctors when things are wrong, but do you invest in a full body MOT?

It’s important to take care of your health. Most of us do this by eating well, exercising regularly getting a good night’s sleep. But nobody is perfect and everyday stresses can take their toll; quietly increasing our risk factors for devastating health conditions such as cancers and heart disease. These conditions often sit there unnoticed for many years before symptoms start to show.

What if you could detect it early before you suffer symptoms? This is the philosophy behind a full body MOT.

Are you caring for your everyday health?

Over the past ten years the average life expectancy in England has stalled for the first time in 100 years. This is according to the Marmot Report published in early 2020 and written by one of Britain’s leading public health experts, Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

While there are many nuanced reasons for this, lifestyle factors certainly contribute to the nation’s biggest killers, which include cancers, heart disease, lung disease and stroke.

We all know the everyday basics of caring for our health:

  • Getting regular exercise
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Having plenty of sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking

These seem so obvious when written down, but we all know in practice they are more challenging. Fortunately, a full body MOT will give you a thorough understanding about what specific actions you should take to improve your health.

Also, if something worrisome is detected you will be referred to a leading specialist consultant for treatment, whilst if no major health problems are detected, you can a little stress will be lifted from your shoulders.

How can you prevent ‘The Big Four’?

‘The Big Four’ – cancer, lung disease, heart disease and stroke, have a devastating impact on health, as well as our health services. A lifetime of healthy living will reduce your risk of developing these conditions, however genetics and age are huge unavoidable risk factors.

This is because you may have inherited a genetic predisposition for certain cancers or perhaps your body finds it difficult to process cholesterol effectively, which may increase your risk of heart disease even if you live healthily. Age is a big risk factor because as we all get older, our DNA acquires more and more mutations which make it easier for cancer to develop. We haven’t yet discovered an elixir to combat the wear and tear of living on this planet, but modern medicine does have one thing up its sleeve, preventative medical imaging.

Lung cancer - full body MOT London - Echelon Health
Cancers, lung disease, heart disease and strokes are the Big Four causes of preventable death

Detecting disease early saves lives. A full body MOT can detect disease in its early stages, even before symptoms are present. The advantage of this is that it won’t have progressed as much as it would if detected later, meaning treatment will likely be a lot easier.

What are the ‘hidden’ health conditions that go unnoticed?

According to our independently verified analysis of data from the Office of National Statistics, , 92% of the avoidable causes of death in 55-70 year old men (96% in women) could be detected at an early stage by our Platinum Health Assessment.

Hard-to-detect cancers, such as pancreatic and ovarian cancers, continue to have low survival rates, as they typically tend to be more advanced before symptoms show, according to  Cancer Research UK’s latest statistics. Meanwhile lung cancer is often chalked up to be a ‘smokers’ disease’ yet 1 in 6 who develop lung cancer are non-smokers. If there was more awareness that non-smokers can develop lung cancer too, they may take their symptoms more seriously earlier on.

Many serious health conditions are only detected once symptoms appear; whether it’s a lump in your breast, a chesty cough, a fragility fracture, a stroke or a heart attack. It is only when we find that something isn’t right that we seek medical help, and by then, it’s likely that the condition will have already progressed.

Should you get a full body MOT?

A full body MOT provides the solution to the issue of late detection. For example, a Premium Health Assessment in London at Echelon Health will detect for 92 percent of the diseases that lead to premature death; 96 percent in women.

This is the most comprehensive health assessment in the world. Renowned expert physicians and practitioners will assess your medical history and perform blood tests, an ECG and various scanning techniques using state-of-the-art medical imaging technologies to get an in-depth picture of your health. If anything is detected as part of your assessment, you will be referred to the relevant specialists to begin your treatment promptly.

If nothing worrisome is detected, you will be provided with expert health advice and peace of mind. A full body MOT could be just what you need to keep on top of your health.

full body MOT London - couple hiking - Echelon Health
Having a full body MOT will detect any abnormalities early on and increase your chance of being in tip top health in your later years

What are the benefits of a full body MOT?

There are many benefits that come with a private health screening with Echelon, including:

  • We assess you as an individual, instead of using statistical models to predict your risk factors for disease like other preventative assessments. Echelon Health take an in-depth look at your individual health.
  • Our use of combined scanning techniques is unique. Recognising the strengths of various medical imaging machines, we use different types for different parts of the body to get the best results.
  • These imaging techniques include MRI, CT, EOS upright CT, ultrasound, digital mammogram, full body mole screen, ECG.
  • Peace of mind that you’re in good health and that any issue is being dealt with by experts.
  • Up to 7 specialist consultants will review your scans, each reporting on their area of expertise.
  • Incredibly safe and powerful technology which is otherwise difficult to get access to. For example, Echelon Health use a 3 Tesla MRI scanner, rare for its precision, resolution and expense, whereas the NHS normally operate 1.5 Tesla machines.

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