Family Offices – Managing everything but healthcare?

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What is a family office?

Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals and companies. Their role can include a range of different approaches to take care of the wealth as a whole.

These often incorporate a selection of the following:

  • Asset management
  • Cash management
  • Risk management
  • Financial planning
  • Lifestyle management

Family offices are an essential in guaranteeing the future of many high-net-worth companies and individuals.

Whereas previously the role of a family office was limited purely to the financial realm of a family’s business, over time the role of some family offices has evolved to incorporate a more comprehensive management style.

Many offices are becoming almost a concierge for the family to smoothly oversee the handling of personal affairs such as their lifestyle needs. It remains that one of the main aims of the support of a family office is to ensure the continuation and growth of a company’s or individuals’ wealth.

Family offices have been around for hundreds of years, developing new ways in which they can ensure the longevity of wealth and growth by identifying and managing risks and threats.

They also heavily focus on mitigating the risk of death or ill health in the family or their business, as this is costly both monetarily and timewise. This risk could be greatly reduced by the investment into the physical health of family members and employees.

Family Offices and Health

Despite their responsibility to plan for death and ill health, family offices on the whole do little to prevent either from happening.

It seems odd, that despite taking in to account factors such as lifestyle and risk management, health does not fall under this umbrella. It could be argued that health is perhaps one of the biggest aspects of risk management, as unchecked it can quickly deteriorate to a point of no return.

Ensuring that money is managed, and people are educated in a way which means they can take over when the time comes is obviously important. But how can we guarantee that when that time comes, they will be around to do so?

As all of us understand following the years of the Covid19 pandemic, health is not something to be taken for granted and there are so many underlying problems that could strike someone down at any time.

One of the biggest risks in anyone’s daily life is their health.

In a post covid world it has become ever clearer that while someone can seemingly be healthy this may not be the case. Underlying health conditions can loom under the surface for years, only becoming apparent when it is too late. Your family’s health is one of the best investments you can make and choosing the best option is important.

Protecting your health to protect your wealth.

Thinking about one’s own mortality is something most of us put off for as long as possible. It’s a scary thought to imagine a day when we’re not here.

With today’s technology and medical innovations there is little excuse to put your health to the back of your mind. To reduce it down to its simplest form, a family office plans for the future to secure the continuation of wealth. Health, as is its nature, is unpredictable and often cannot be planned for.

We can aid our health by eating healthy food, regular exercise, and improving sleeping habits. However, nobody is flawless, and daily pressures can have an impact, silently raising our risk factors for life-threatening illnesses like cancer or heart disease.

Becoming pro-active about health is argued to be the best way to stay ahead of the game and avoid any nasty surprises that could cause major issues. Preventative health assessments have grown in popularity as they allow individuals to closely monitor the state of their health and act as soon as any changes occur to ensure they remain as healthy as possible.

Echelon Health are world leaders in preventative health care.

Our Platinum Assessment is able to detect up to 92% of preventable causes of death in men and 95% in women.

The Platinum Assessment includes the following tests:

  • Medical Questionnaire & Pre-Assessment
  • Blood Tests
  • ECG
  • CT Aorta
  • CT Heart
  • CT Coronary Angiogram
  • CT Chest
  • CT Pelvis
  • CT Virtual Colonoscopy
  • CT Bone Density
  • EOS
  • CT Upright Skeleton
  • MRI Brain
  • MRI Cerebral Artery Angiogram
  • MRI Carotid Artery Angiogram
  • MRI Prostate
  • Ultrasound Thyroid
  • Ultrasound Testes/ Ovaries
  • Digital Mammogram
  • Full Body Mole Screen
  • Final Consultation

Cutting edge technology and a highly experienced team of medical professionals has allowed Echelon to become a front runner in the world of preventative healthcare.

The healthcare industry strives to employ comprehensive health screenings to identify issues before they turn in to something more serious. The early detection of disease is crucial in having the best chance at recovery, making treatment more easily accessible with better outcomes.

If you choose to have a health screening at Echelon Health you can look forward to experiencing the best combination of medical imaging technology and unparalleled client services. The assessment itself takes just 6 hours to complete meaning that you only have to miss one morning of meetings to fit in a comprehensive health assessment that could arm you with a wealth of invaluable information.

If you would like to hear more about the various health assessments available through Echelon Health, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.





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