Aquilion ONE Prism 640 slice CT scanner

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CT scanners are graded according to the number of slices of the body the rotating x-ray tube can image in one rotation. Many current diagnostic imaging units, both NHS and independent, use scanners with 16-64 slice capability. In contrast, the Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition images 640 slices with each rotation, enabling a faster and more detailed examination.

Specialist software unique to the PRISM provides the best image quality performed at low dose radiation. This allows it to scan a 16 cm volume with each rotation, covering entire organs such as the heart, brain or whole joints.

The Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition:

  • Is the most advanced CT scanner currently available, being able to image 640 slices of the body with each rotation of its tube compared to 16-64 slices from most other scanners
  • Has the lowest radiation exposure of any CT scanner (up to 10-fold lower than other conventional CT scanners)
  • Avoids any sense of claustrophobia as your body moves across the detectors
  • Is the only scanner able to image the heart in a single rotation which greatly increases accuracy
  • Is able to image the vulnerable ‘soft’ cholesterol-rich coronary artery plaque, which is the most likely to rupture and cause a heart attack
  • Is the only scanner able to image the heart in patients with an irregular heart rhythm
  • Is the only scanner capable of real time 4D imaging of moving joints
  • Has the unique ability to show real-time function of organs such as blood flow
  • is able to visualise lung nodules as small as 1-2mm
  • Has an increased spatial resolution of 0.3mm vs >0.5mm for 64 slice scanners, providing increased image quality