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As a world-leading provider of preventative Health Assessments, we are always innovating and always looking for ways to make our services better and more accessible. That is why, in addition to our successful range of Health Assessment packages such as our flagship Platinum Health Assessment as well as our Gold and Healthy Heart packages, we are delighted to be able to offer our Evergreen Membership.

For a small one-off Activation Fee and then a fixed monthly fee, Evergreen clients will receive a tailored programme of scans, arranged over three years and conveniently scheduled to fit with your busy life. Evergreen membership will deliver the same overall detection rate as our Platinum Health Assessment which, according to our independently verified analysis of data from the Office of National Statistics, is able to detect for around 92 % of the diseases that lead to premature death in men aged 50 to 69 and over 95% for women in the same age range.

If you are looking for a cost-effective preventative health solution as well as a long-term programme to give you and your family peace of mind, an Echelon Health Evergreen Membership may be the perfect investment. Read on to find out what an Evergreen Membership involves and what the benefits are.

What does Evergreen Membership involve?

Every year you will receive:

  • A Medical Questionnaire to complete which is reviewed by one of our consultant physicians – in the first year this is a very comprehensive assessment and in subsequent years we ask you to notify us of any changes such as in medication being taken or in any health issues that have emerged.
  • A comprehensive set of blood tests covering 40+ parameters including at the moment a Covid-19 antibody test
  • An Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • A full body mole screen
  • One of the 3 scanning modules set out below – each utilises state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment (CT, MRI and ultrasound) to give a comprehensive insight into a particular area of the body – so that after 3 years, you have undergone a complete assessment using each module.


CT Heart scan

CT Coronary Angiogram

CT Aorta scan

CT Chest scan

Ultrasound Thyroid

Ultrasound Testes / Ovaries

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK. Every 3 minutes someone in the UK has a heart attack and every 8 minutes, someone dies from a heart attack. Moreover, around 1/3rd of these people have no classical risk factors. Meanwhile lung disease causes one death every five minutes. We use one of the world’s most advanced CT scanners to image the inside of the heart arteries in unprecedented detail with a resolution of just 0.3mm to determine the earliest stages of heart disease as well detect abnormalities in the lungs as small as 1-2 mm.

Our ultrasound scanner provides optimum imaging of abnormalities of the testes and ovaries, as well as nodules in the thyroid gland.

Abdo / Pelvis

CT Abdomen

CT Pelvis

CT Virtual Colonoscopy

CT Bone Density

EOS Upright Skeleton CT

Many of our scans focus on the detection of cancer, as cancer can develop in any part of the body. Take a look at our case studies.

For example, the vast majority of colon cancers develop over many years from tiny polyps which gradually increase in size and become cancerous. A CT virtual colonoscopy can detect these before they have a chance to progress. This is significant. Stage 1 bowel cancer has a survival rate of between 95 and 100 % whereas stage 4 bowel cancer has a survival rate of just 5 – 10 %.

This module also detects abnormalities of the liver, pancreas, adrenal glands and kidneys, as well as measuring bone density. Many specialists consider the CT quantitative bone density measurement to be superior to the more commonly used DEXA scans which are typically performed by the NHS. Meanwhile the EOS scan is rare in that only a handful of UK clinics have access to it, but it is renowned for its ability to produce 3D reconstructions of the musculoskeletal system and especially the spine, in a weight-bearing upright posture. It provides unrivalled information on our posture and our predisposition to low back pain – something that almost all of us will suffer from at one stage in our lives.

Brain, Neck and Other

MRI Brain

MRI Cerebral Artery Angiogram

MRI Carotid Artery Angiogram

MRI Prostate (male)

Digital mammogram (Women)

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the UK, with one stroke occurring every five minutes. The most common causes relate to furring up of the neck arteries or a burst aneurysm or blood vessel malformation within the brain.

MRI is a fantastic means of imaging all of these and the brain. Here at Echelon Health we operate a 3 Tesla MRI machine, which is significantly more powerful than the 1.5 Tesla machines the NHS usually operate. With its high resolution our specialist neuroradiologist can identify the smallest of aneurysms and vascular abnormalities. Lives have been saved at Echelon Health through this scan; this testimonial speaks for itself.

A digital mammogram is the most advanced and sensitive means of assessing the breasts for possible cancers. Meanwhile a 3T MRI of the prostate, coupled with the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood test is the gold-standard lest for screening for  prostate cancer in men, especially important now that prostate cancer has officially become the most prevalent cancer in the UK.

One of the features of Evergreen Membership of which we are especially proud is flexibility. Some people have history of heart disease in their families, or colon cancer or perhaps they are concerned about stroke risk or maybe breast cancer. For that reason, we will adapt the order you take the imaging modules to suit your concerns, although always after you have completed your Medical Questionnaire and our consultant physician has had a chance to review your history and perhaps discuss key issues with you.

After each module you will have a follow up consultation with an Echelon Health doctor to cover the results of all the tests you have had so far.

Echelon Health - Evergreen Membership - private health check
As an Evergreen member, you will receive expert advice into how your health is changing over time and how your lifestyle impacts it.

Why become an Evergreen member?

While our average life expectancy in the UK has significantly increased  in the past 200 years, from 41 to 81, sadly too many people still die early of preventable diseases. We all work hard and deserve to enjoy our middle years and beyond in great health.

Early detection is critical. Because in most cases a person won’t know they have a disease developing until it is advanced and causing symptoms by which time curative treatment is more difficult or not possible. We all accept that prevention is better than cure and we apply this principle to many aspects of our lives. We happily accept the benefits of an annual MOT and service for our cars but often neglect our most important possession – our body and health. Many of the causes of premature death are preventable and that is the fundamental drive at Echelon Health and our Evergreen program.  To offer the most detailed but cost-effective health assessment program that gives you true peace of mind.

Life in a post Covid-19 world

We all find ourselves in the midst of a phase in our history that none of us expected to see. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive dislocation to our short-term lives and even now, we do not know what a new normal will really look like for the medium and perhaps even longer term.

What we do know is that understanding the baseline of your current health may well enable you to prepare for the effects of Covid-19 or indeed any other kinds of virus in the future. We know for instance that the mortality from Covid-19 comes from its effects on the lungs and heart. It causes inflammation within the lungs which can result in areas of fluid accumulation and reduced oxygen transfer, which if severe enough requires artificial ventilation. In the heart, the virus can directly affect the heart muscle causing a myocarditis and impaired heart muscle function. Therefore, it logically follows that assessment of your cardiac function and whether you have any underlying respiratory disease can help you know if you are at increased risk of suffering complications of Covid-19. A preventative health assessment programme, such as the Evergreen Membership, can help you better understand your underlying health issues.

Echelon Health - sporty couple - Evergreen Membership - private health check
For many conditions, such as osteoporosis, you often won’t know you have it until you experience symptoms, like breaking a bone, at which point the condition has progressed. Detecting it in its early stages leads to more promising outcomes.

Core benefits of Evergreen Membership

Among the many benefits of becoming an Evergreen member:

  • State-of-the-art imaging technologies. For example, we operate a 3 Tesla MRI machine, which is significantly more powerful than the 1.5 Tesla machines the NHS typically operate. Our CT scanner also has a superior resolution to most, whilst having amongst the lowest radiation exposure levels of any CT scanner. We operate an EOS upright CT scanner of which there are just a handful in operation in the UK.
  • Up to seven consultant radiologists will review your different scans, each reporting on their particular area of expertise.
  • Peace of mind that your most precious asset, your health, is being looked after and any issues will be rapidly dealt with by leading specialist consultants using our unparalleled network of contacts built up over 30 years practice.
  • A highly personalised service. Some preventative health services use statistical analysis to predict your risk of disease; however here at Echelon Health we assess you as an individual. A detailed medical history is taken before any tests or scans are performed.
  • Expert advice and insight into how your health is changing over time and how your lifestyle and habits influence it.


We have worked hard to make Evergreen Membership accessible and affordable. For a small Activation Fee of £500 and a monthly membership fee of £375, you can get full access to all the benefits of the programme. By investing in an Evergreen Membership you are committing to better understanding your health for years to come.

To contact us please ring 020 7580 7688 or email via [email protected] and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss Evergreen Membership further.

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