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Long Covid Health Assessment

2020 will be remembered for one thing – Covid-19. Whilst vigorous debate continues over so many aspects of the virus, there are a few things we do now know for certain. For most people who suffer with Covid, their recovery will be quick, resuming their normal lives within a few days. However, for some, the effects of the virus can last for weeks or months. Long Covid can cause symptoms such as profound fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety and depression, palpitations, chest pains, joint or muscle pain, difficulty in concentrating and ‘brain fog’. Other issues can involve lung clots, neurological abnormalities and deficits in cardiac, kidney and liver function. In order to minimise the long-term impact of Long Covid, a thorough assessment of such patients is essential in order to devise a structured and personalised management plan. Designed and led by Dr Paul Jenkins who has over 30 years’ experience in the management of patients with post viral fatigue, Echelon Health’s Long Covid Assessment is one of the most comprehensive Assessments available anywhere today, priced at £2950.

Our Long Covid Health Assessment

Our Long Covid Health Assessment is for those who have had Covid-19 yet exhibit on-going symptoms and wish to know whether these are due to complications of Covid-19 or the exacerbation of pre-existing, underlying health conditions of which they were not aware. It is possible that you have both and we can distinguish between the two for you.

We can’t change the fact you have had Covid-19, but this assessment will determine the direct consequences of the disease, we can then devise a treatment plan and refer you to further specialists if necessary.

What is included?

  • A detailed medical questionnaire (to determine your medical history)
  • A pre-consultation with a consultant physician to determine your current
    symptoms and main concerns
  • A Covid-19 antigen swab test to confirm you do not have active disease
  • Comprehensive blood tests (including a blood Covid-19 antibody test)
  • An electrocardiogram to determine heart rhythm / detect signs of heart disease
  • Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) to gather objective information
    on how your heart and lungs perform during graded exercise in a clinically
    controlled environment.
  • An echocardiogram to determine function of the heart muscle
  • A CT chest scan to look for residual signs of inflammation & infection
  • CT coronary angiogram +/- CT pulmonary angiogram (subject to symptoms)
    to determine any furring up of the heart arteries and blood clots to the lungs
  • A follow up consultation (to discuss the results and your personalised
    management strategy)
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