Covid 19 Antibody Testing – an important update

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The world of Covid-19 is nothing if not fast moving. Within the last couple of weeks following the decision by PHE to validate two Covid 19 antibody tests, companies began offering the opportunity to have the test using a home testing kit. At Echelon Health, we had been looking carefully at the various antibody tests under consideration and we determined that the Abbott Test, one of the two approved by PHE, was of sufficient sensitivity and specificity. Helpfully, it was also available via the home testing kit route.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has now asked all laboratories to pause testing using home kits until they have completed a review of the provision of such home tests. It must be stressed that the MHRA are not saying there is anything wrong with the test. Indeed, it remains validated by Public Health England for use when carried out though a blood collection service. This latest review by MHRA is looking further into carrying out the test using home collection kits.

As a result, Echelon Health has also paused offering the Abbott Covid-19 antibody test by way of home testing kit but we have also added it to the comprehensive range of blood tests carried out in all our Health Assessments.

We will be keeping a close eye on developments in this very dynamic landscape.

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