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May 04

Why Is Health Screening the Way Forward In Healthcare?

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Thanks to the advancements in healthcare technology, we can now detect diseases at a much quicker rate and identify them earlier on in the process. Health screenings have continued to…

Apr 26

Biggest benefits of private health assessments

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Being able to detect problems before they become serious is one of the main reasons for having a health check-up – but you can’t always use public services for prevention….

Apr 13

Top Six tips to take care of your health on a busy schedule

By Kornelija Dedelaite

When you have a busy schedule, many of us don’t think about practising self-care or prioritising our health, happiness, and mental well-being. Works stress and daily responsibilities may become overwhelming,…

Mar 23

How Is Ovarian Cancer Diagnosed?

By Echelon Health

Ovarian cancer is a catch-all term for a selection of illnesses that are found in the ovaries or other areas in the female reproductive system, such as the fallopian tubes….

Mar 16

Private health checks for heart diseases

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is an umbrella term for all diseases relating to the heart and circulation (blood vessels). It includes everything from conditions that are inherited or that a person…

Mar 02

How ageing changes your heart and blood vessels

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Our body goes through many changes as we start to get older. This, of course, includes the heart and blood vessels. While many changes are common and don’t pose a…

Feb 23

How Is Heart Disease Diagnosed?

By Echelon Health

Heart disease is a condition that affects your heart’s structure and function. Heart disease stems from a group of conditions with several different root causes. In the UK alone, around…

Feb 16

Best preventive health assessments for all ages

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Our bodies change as we get older, and you may notice that you’re not feeling as spry as you once did. This, however, does not mean that you should become…

There are many reasons to see a cardiologist and get your heart checked
Feb 09

Looking After Your Heart: Why You Should See A Cardiologist

By Echelon Health

As one of, if not the most important, organs in your body, maintaining your heart’s health is crucial, and that’s why seeing a cardiologist for regular heart check-ups is essential….

Hypnotherapy is all about being relaxed and calm
Feb 02

How hypnotherapy is reducing stress and anxiety

By Kornelija Dedelaite

There are many times in our lives where we all feel anxious or stressed. This is quite a normal response to various everyday aspects of our lives. However, it can…

There are a few different types of scans to detect cancer, including CT scans
Jan 19

Choosing the best scans to detect cancer

By Echelon Health

Early diagnosis of cancer can significantly increase your chances of successful treatment — but there are many scans out there that can be used to detect cancer, so it can…

Jan 12

How to close the gap on less survivable cancers? Less Survivable Cancer Awareness Day

By Kornelija Dedelaite

According to data presented by the Less Survivable Cancer Taskforce (LSCT), there are currently over 90,000 people who are diagnosed with one of the six less survivable cancers in the…