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lung cancer
Mar 01

What Women Need To Know About Lung Cancer

By Echelon Health

1 in 15 women are diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime, but 79% of lung cancer cases are preventable. Here, we look at what women need to know about…

key person risk
Feb 22

What is Key Person Risk?

By Kornelija Dedelaite

As a business leader, you put in a lot of time and effort into planning. You plan for positive outcomes such as financial growth, new products, hiring new employees, and…

Cancer Risk
Feb 15

How To Reduce Your Cancer Risk As You Age: What To Know

By Echelon Health

There are millions of people living with cancer in the UK, so it’s not surprising that many people are looking for ways to reduce their risk of developing the disease…

Health screenings
Feb 08

Why Is Health Screening the Future of Healthcare?

By Kornelija Dedelaite

We can now detect diseases much more quickly and identify them earlier in the process thanks to advances in healthcare technology. Health screenings have remained popular in the healthcare industry….

heart attacks
Jan 26

Women And Heart Attacks – The Symptoms Explained

By Echelon Health

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in both men and women. However, as research into heart attacks continues, it has emerged that women experience heart…

Jan 18

Menopause – Symptoms And Causes

By Echelon Health

Menopause is defined as when a woman has not menstruated for 12 consecutive months, meaning they can no longer become pregnant naturally. It typically occurs between the ages of 45…

Heart disease
Jan 06

Heart Disease In Women: Symptoms And Risk Factors

By Echelon Health

Much has been said and written about heart disease in men, but women are also impacted by heart disease — heart disease is one of the leading causes of death…

Nov 30

Reasons to Invest in Your Health with a Full Body MOT

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Safeguarding our health has become the most paramount issue for many of us post pandemic. However, many of us will consider our health only when we start to show symptoms…

Nov 09

Understanding Your Female Hormone Profile Results

By Echelon Health

When you reach your 40s and your 50s, your body will go through a lot of changes. One of the most significant is that your hormones will change as you…

Oct 26

Health risks for women after the age of 40

By Kornelija Dedelaite

Future health is influenced by the choices made today, including diet, exercise, sleep habits, stress, and hobbies or other lifestyle choices. Taking control of your health now to prevent issues…

Oct 19

Health Problems After 50 To Watch Out For

By Echelon Health

As people get older, our bodies change, particularly after we reach milestone ages like 50. When you’re younger, it’s easier to recover from injuries and deal with health problems, but…

Oct 05

Heart Disease Prevention And Treatment In Adults Over 40

By Echelon Health

Heart disease can affect anyone of any age, but as we get older, we are at a higher risk of developing a heart condition. This is because our muscles weaken,…