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brain tumour diagnosis and symptoms - Echelon Health
Jun 29

Brain Tumour Diagnosis and Symptoms

By Echelon Health

The term brain tumour refers to a growth of cells in the brain that multiplies in an abnormal and uncontrolled way. However, technically speaking, there are many different types of…

Heart CT scan in London - Echelon Health
Jun 23

What You Need To Know About CT Scans For Cancer Detection

By Echelon Health

In the not-so-distant past, the diagnosis of cancer was seen as a death sentence. With a lack of treatment options, a poor understanding of the disease and underdeveloped imaging techniques,…

Jun 18

How is cancer diagnosed? Cancer screening in London

By Echelon Health

When an abnormal growth of cells develops in an uncontrolled way, this is called cancer. In some cases, these cells can spread to other areas of your body through a…

what causes sciatica? Sciatica diagnosis in London - Echelon Health
Jun 16

What causes sciatica? Sciatica diagnosis in London

By Sophia Daly

Sciatica refers to a radiating pain along the sciatic nerves – the two longest nerves in the body  stretching from your lower back through your hips and down each leg….

EOS scan London - what is an EOS scan - Echelon Health
Jun 15

What is an EOS scan? EOS scan in London

By Sophia Daly

An EOS scanner is a very sophisticated CT scanner ideal for imaging the musculoskeletal system whilst the patient is in a weight-bearing position. This makes it fantastic for assessing conditions…

health check
Jun 08

Why it’s the perfect time for a preventative health check

By Echelon Health

We find ourselves in the midst of a phase in our history that none of us expected to ever see. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive dislocation to so many…

Echelon Health - Medical Imaging Facilities - CT Scan Control Room - Preventative Health Assessment
Jun 08

It’s the perfect time for a Preventative Health Assessment

By Echelon Health

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 8% of total deaths in the UK in 2018, equating to 50,000 deaths, were caused by diseases that would have been treatable…

Echelon Health Evergreen Membership
Jun 04

Evergreen Membership: Our monthly Health Assessment programme

By Echelon Health

As a world-leading provider of preventative Health Assessments, we are always innovating and always looking for ways to make our services better and more accessible. That is why, in addition…

Causes of cancer
Jun 02

Causes of Cancer: Cancer Screening in London

By Sophia Daly

Cancer can form almost anywhere in the body and there are hundreds of different types. There are also many causes of cancer and, as you’ll know if you read the…

Covid 19 Antibody Testing | antibodies pic
May 28

Covid 19 Antibody Testing – an important update

By Echelon Health

The world of Covid-19 is nothing if not fast moving. Within the last couple of weeks following the decision by PHE to validate two Covid 19 antibody tests, companies began…

Wellbeing at work 2020 -Echelon Health
May 25

Wellbeing at work – why firms should take care of their people

By Echelon Health

Do businesses save money by doing the bare minimum for their employees? Some firms might take this approach, but what they gain by paying lower wages and not caring for…

Occupational Health | Heart CT scan in London - Echelon Health
May 22

Occupational health: trends and developments

By Echelon Health

Occupational health is a broad field that covers the health of people at work. It’s aim is to ensure that employees and employers are healthy and to limit anything potentially…