Babylon Health – a fantastic new benefit for our Evergreen and Platinum clients

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Echelon Health are delighted to have partnered with Babylon Health, the leading digital health service that uses AI technology to provide remote consultations with doctors and 24/7 access to healthcare professionals. Babylon Health membership is available as a complementary feature for our Platinum and Evergreen clients.

Babylon Health digital app - Echelon Health
Ask Babylon is a powerful health information tool that allows users to check their symptoms. If your symptoms concern you and you would like to speak to a GP, you can arrange a video appointment through the Babylon Health app.

An Echelon Health Assessment will provide you with unrivaled insight into your health and well-being. Perhaps something will be flagged up during the assessment and you need to consider this area of your health more thoughtfully. Or perhaps you will leave your Echelon Health Assessment with the peace of mind that you are in good health, and with expert advice tailored toward areas of your health you can improve. Either way, although the Health Assessment you will have had will provide you with a baseline statement of your health at the time of the assessment, we understand that your day to day life then continues and occasionally you may have health concerns you need to get checked out. Since we are always looking to innovate and offer our clients the best and most convenient services, we have partnered with Babylon Health to provide with part of the ongoing support you may need from time to time.

What does Babylon Health membership involve?

Based around a really intuitive App, Babylon Health offer a really 21st century approach to healthcare with services such as :

  • Ask Babylon – powered by Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), Ask Babylon service assesses the symptoms you enter and provides you with relevant health and triage information. It will interpret symptoms ranging from migraines to melanoma and stomach pain to shingles. This helps determine whether a video appointment with a doctor would be helpful and if it is, assists the Doctor by proving a an initial medical history.
  • Video appointments – you will have 24/7 access to a network of healthcare professionals including doctors, specialists and therapists, available to give you advice via video call, audio-call or text messaging. With your Babylon Health GP you can discuss your overall health. If you are referred to a specialist, you can then discuss a specific issue in detail. In addition to GPs and specialists, the therapy team can help you to manage mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress or bereavement.
  • Prescriptions – following a video call your Babylon Health doctor can send an electronic prescription to a pharmacy close to you. Often you can get your prescription within an hour of your appointment.
  • Healthcheck – by answering questions about your lifestyle and family history, Healthcheck creates a picture of your health and provides tips to stay healthy in the long term.
  • Monitor – by syncing your health data from your phone, wearables and apps, such as heart rate, steps, menstrual cycle and mood, Babylon puts all your health data in one place so that you can better understand the impact of your habits on your health.
  • Up-to-date features – such as a Covid-19 Care Assistant to help you answer questions and address issues relating to Coronavirus.

More about Babylon’s AI

Babylon’s AI technology is centered around a machine learning system which is capable of understanding 100s of billions of combinations of symptoms, diseases and risk factors per second. This powerful technology was designed around a doctor’s brain and was created from millions of data samples collected and input by both scientists and doctors.

Babylon Health quite rightly point out that their AI services do not provide a concrete diagnosis. Instead they offer health information based upon statistics and your individual risk factors. The AI services are therefore not a substitute for a doctor and should not be used in a medical emergency. However, your subsequent digital consultation with a GP or healthcare provider through the app may well result in diagnosis, or you may be referred to a specialist who can provide diagnosis and treatment.

Babylon Health logo - Echelon Health
Babylon Health is named after the ancient city of Babylon, where citizens would gather in the town square to share thoughts on treatments for common illnesses.

Signing up is easy

As with all things at Echelon Health, we’ve made signing up for Babylon Health easy. If you purchase a Echelon Health Platinum Health Assessment or join our Evergreen Membership Plan then at the time of signing up, we will also offer you the option of Babylon Health (12 months membership for Platinum clients and 3 years’ Membership* for Evergreen Members). It is entirely up to you if you choose to take up the offer – you don’t have to – and there are a few terms and conditions which you can read about by checking our Terms and Conditions Page here.

If you would like to sign up, we’ll send you a special code and then all you have to do is:

  • Download the Babylon app
  • Enter your code while signing up
  • Enjoy 24/7 Healthcare with Babylon Health

To read more about our Evergreen membership, click here.

To find out more about what is included in our Platinum Health Assessment, click here.

*    Babylon membership for Platinum clients will last for one year and membership for Evergreen clients will last for one year and, subject to the arrangements in place between Echelon Health and Babylon Health, may be renewed for years two and three.

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