We are proud of the service we offer but we realise that the best people to describe it are those who have experienced it first hand. Some of our clients have been kind enough to write a few words about their experience at Echelon Health.

The Times Luxx

Echelon Health isn’t just the first class of health assessments: this is the private jet of personal MOTs...

Elite Traveller

Utilized by CEOs and leading sportspeople, Echelon Health's full-body personalized health assessments employ the latest advanced imaging technology.

Luxuria Lifestyle II

Proactive, predictive and utterly personalised.

Luxuria Lifestyle

Comprehensive health assessment, the imaging so accurate that you wouldn't need another assessment for four years.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Is this the lifesaving health check we all need?

Martin Hughes, Founder and Chief Executive, Toscafund

The quality of service and level of insight from an Echelon Health Assessment is extraordinary and unparalleled. Having undergone their assessment myself, Toscafund has now extended the service to its employees and partners.