private healthcare assessment london

Choosing the right private health check for you

By Lucy Holl

Choosing the right Health Assessment, or just knowing where to start can be a difficult task. When it comes to your health, there are so many aspects to consider, so…


How to ensure good kidney health

By Lucy Holl

The kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering waste products, excess water, and other impurities from your blood. These waste products are stored in the bladder and later expelled through…


Nicotine: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Lucy Holl

Nicotine is a chemical that contains nitrogen, which is made by several types of plants, including the tobacco plant. It is also produced synthetically. Nicotiana tabacum, the type of nicotine…


Can bad oral hygiene pose a serious health risk? Oral hygiene and heart disease

By Lucy Holl

From a young age, the importance of good oral health has been drilled into us- whether that be at school, by our parents or our trusty dentist. The norm is…


World Sleep Day: Tips & advice

By Lucy Holl

Sleep, glorious sleep. Whether or not you get the recommended 8-9 hours a night, we all need a certain amount of it to allow the body to repair, restore and…


How can Preventative Health Assessments put less stress on the NHS?

By Lucy Holl

It is no secret that both pre- and post-pandemic, we are well and truly blessed to have the NHS. In 2014, after an influx of pressure was put on the…


Echelon Health are one of the world’s leading providers of Preventative Health Assessments- backed by renowned general practitioner and ITV personality, Dr Hilary Jones

By Echelon Health

Dr Hilary Jones, being an advocate for preventative health, has selected Echelon Health as his preferred provider of Preventative Health Assessments because he is entirely confident in our technology, approach…


Echelon Health collaborate with Cambridge Brain Sciences


Introducing our Cambridge Brain Science Neurocognitive Assessment. Echelon Health have collaborated with one of the largest and world leading contributors to the development of psychological theory and practice: Cambridge Brain…

physical impact of lockdown on body an mind

Lockdown: The mental and physical impact

By Lucy Holl

We have probably all endured the advice to ‘stay positive’ one too many times over the last year- although it is indeed very important to maintain a positive attitude, staying…

coronavirus vaccine

Vaccines within the UK – What have we ordered, what are their success rates and when can life return to normal.

By Claire Johnson

Within the UK there are three approved Covid-19 Vaccines; Pfizer, Oxford/AstraZaneca and Moderna; but how safe are they? The traditional process of developing a vaccine is slow. Speaking at the…


Self-image and the media

By Lucy Holl

Over the last ten years or so, controversy towards social media has become apparent, with more and more people no longer seeing the sites as bearers of harmless fun like…

workplace benefits

Should workplace benefits be revised amidst the ‘new way of life’?

By Lucy Holl

A lot has changed since our simpler existence pre-March 2020; this year life has been unimaginably different with occurrences that no one could have ever predicted, but of course with…